King Stone offers concrete support for Heron Tower London

King Stone has just won the contract to supply 44 number concrete windposts for a major contract at Heron Tower in London. This is the first windpost order that King Stone has fulfilled from its site in Bingham, and with the resurgence of concrete over steel and the associated cost advantages, it is expected that this will be the first of many.

King Stone Products go for EDF Specification

The development of the new Super Fire Rated Concrete Lintels sparked interest recently from EDF Energy and Sunray Doors, who presented King Stone Products with the challenge to design a concrete lintel that would satisfy door location bolt requirements, whilst still offering a four hour fire rating, and ensuring the correct door opening could be built on site.

The solution was the EDF Type 29 Concrete Lintel, which utilizes King Stone’s unique new Liquid Granite Product. This solution was devised by ensuring a 60 mm cover to the specially designed reinforcement cage, and giving the concrete lintel stooled ends.

The supporting data is currently with EDF and Sunray Doors for their consideration, and King Stone is confident that the new concrete lintel, available now, will be written into all EDF drawings by the end of the year.

Super Fire Rated Concrete Lintels on test by Warrington Fire Research and BRE systems

Following the successful results from its testing of King Stone’s new Super Fire Rated Concrete Lintels, Warrington Fire and Research is carrying out additional tests on the 215 mm x 215 mm 17-20 Concrete Lintel with the intention of replacing its current Dutch supplier.

BRE systems, the other UK premier test facility, has also opted to run tests on the Super Fire Rated Concrete Lintels, and King Stone expects the results to provide further supporting data.

The concrete lintels are expected to withstand repeated heating and cooling cycles without ill effect. This will provide further supporting evidence that King Stone’s new Super Fire Rated Concrete Lintels are indeed the best fire rated concrete lintels on the market, and illustrate that they will suffer no degradation should they get wet on site, even if they are hosed down following a fire.

“To be approached by two of the UK’s premier testing facilities is very exciting indeed and should go further in ensuring that the right lintels are used in the correct positions where fire hazards may be prevalent, especially inside stadiums, schools, hospitals, art galleries, and conference centres. Most of these buildings have sprinkler systems, and the last thing you would want would be the building to survive but the lintel to require remedial work following such an event, or indeed it to be defaced in some way to affect its structural or fire resistance capabilities.”
Shaun King, Managing Director, King Stone Products Ltd.

King Stone completes Yardley Hastings School contract, Northants.

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