Design and Quality

Design Service

A free design and technical service is offered by King Stone Products. Schedules, designs, and calculations can all be prepared to satisfy building and CDM requirements. All King Stone’s work is checked by an independent structural engineer to ensure accuracy. Any strength, size, shape, and intricate detailing can be achieved to ensure that the concrete lintel design meets your requirements. Special fire protection requirements can also be taken into consideration during the design of your units should they be outside King Stone’s standard range.

Drawings can be emailed directly to

Quality Control

Certification and Testing

King Stone’s close attention to detail means that its customers can be assured of first class products every time.

All King Stone’s testing is done independently by professionals. By doing this, King Stone can be sure that its products have achieved the correct density and cube strength, and therefore, King Stone can guarantee the strength and durability of the units.

British and European Standards

The design of King Stone’s concrete lintels complies with Eurocode EC 1992-1-1and Eurocode EC 1992-1-2. All products are manufactured to Eurocode EC1992-1-1. All fire rated products comply with Eurocode EC 1992-1-2.

All King Stone’s concrete lintels are certified by an independent structural engineer and tested for strength at Sheffield University. King Stone’s concrete lintels comply with BS8110 and BSEN845, as well as Eurocode EC1.1:1990. King Stone’s Fire Rated concrete lintels have been tested at Warrington Fire and Research and are also compliant with Eurocode 2 – the latest design code replacing BS8110 in 2010 and BSEN845 part 2: 2003.