Technical Information

Technical Information

Concrete Lintel Installation

All King Stone concrete lintels are cast with lifting sockets at no extra cost to ensure that they are built into the wall in the correct orientation. They will have the necessary length and design code / opening reference marked on the top, as required. This surface should remain uppermost unless the unit is to be used in a cantilever situation. It is important that the concrete lintels are installed correctly and in the correct orientation according to the load-bearing situation and detail.

All King Stone concrete lintels are capable of accommodating single or multi-point loads, or being used in a cantilever situation. Concrete lintels should be bedded on a level high grade mortar bed.

All Damp Proof Course details, Cavity Tray details, and wall vents should be in accordance with the current building regulations and architect’s detailing.

For all spans greater than 1200 mm, the units should be propped and supported temporarily at 1200 mm centres with the resulting 3 courses of masonry having time to cure before recommencing building work.

Where concrete floors are to be placed onto units, the units should be supported temporarily until the floors have been completed to reduce the risk of shock loading or uneven loading of the concrete lintels.

All concrete lintels should be lifted with threaded lifting loops to ensure correct support and handling at all times. Lifting Loops can be ordered through King Stone Products Ltd should you require them.


King Stone concrete lintels should not really be cut due to the specific reinforcement detail. If there is a necessity to cut, then cut concrete lintels should have the ends covered with a 10 mm mortar joint. To prevent the need to cut, and with King Stone’s level of service, any extra concrete lintels that you require can be manufactured and delivered to the site on a very short turn around so as not to delay your build. All specially ordered concrete lintels can be made in any sized increments.

Should you require chasing channels for on-site services, cuts can be made with a high speed diamond cutting disk ensuring correct HSE regulations are adhered to: however this may decrease the fire resistance of the unit. Should you have such a requirement, it is possible to have a channel cast in during manufacture. Please speak to our technical or sales department about any particular requirements you may have.