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Architectural & Decorative Stonework

Architectural & Decorative Stonework

Wet Cast and Semi-Dry Cast

King Stone uses two distinct manufacturing processes: wet cast and semi-dry cast. This enables King Stone to manufacture exactly to customer requirements, and offer the widest range of products available.

Wet Cast

  • Finishes to match any requirement: smooth, medium, or coarse grained.
  • Precision finish allows fine and elaborate detail to meet all requirements.
  • Particularly suitable for bespoke products requiring high levels of detail or complex shapes.
  • Suitable for larger pieces / structural parts / load-bearing applications.
  • Can be cast to incorporate any type of fixing.

Semi-Dry Cast

  • Looks like sawn stone in appearance, and weathers perfectly.
  • Can be made as a one-off or as long runs of standards.
  • Is hugely competitive on price, allowing large scale usage.
  • Is perfect for tight dimensions that other architectural dressings cannot meet.
  • Can be supplied to tight deadlines and short lead times.
  • Non-structural.

Product Range

– Available in both wet cast and semi-dry cast finishes