Fairfaced Fire and Super Fire Rated Ranges

Fairfaced Fire Range

King Stone’s Fairfaced Fire concrete lintels form the most popular of the King Stone ranges, and are some of the strongest concrete lintels on the market. They are cast using a Class 1 Limestone aggregate which gives them maximum strength and helps towards their fire rating. Because of this, they are a direct comparison to, if not better than, other manufacturers’ lintels that are promoted as high strength. King Stone’s Fairfaced Fire concrete lintels also comply with Eurocode 2.

Again, King Stone can manufacture any length and section size you require, and all can be used below ground. All Fairfaced Fire concrete lintels come with a standard 60 minute fire rating. However King Stone has developed further one-part mixes to achieve 90 minute and even 120 minute fire ratings.

All the Fairfaced Fire concrete lintels can be cast in any of King Stone’s colours (except the 120 minute fire rated concrete lintels, which are only available in white or grey): they are all hand finished to remove surface air holes, giving them a completely smooth appearance.

See load tables.

Super Fire Rated Range

The Super Fire Rated Range is the latest range of concrete lintels that King Stone Products has introduced to meet industry requirements and ensure that King Stone is at the cutting edge of concrete lintel technology. These are the first concrete lintels to achieve 240 minute fire rating on varying sections without the need for a separate protective outer coating: documentation from a professional fire testing organisation is available to validate this performance.

King Stone’s Super Fire Rated concrete lintels are cast from a newly developed material that has enhanced thermal performance but maintains all the characteristics of normal concrete with a density of 2000 kg/m³. This revolutionary material, exclusive to King Stone, has a very low cement content (only 2%), and emits very little C02 during manufacture. The concrete lintels made from this material have flawless surfaces, are fairfaced in appearance, and do not require separate protective outer coating. This reduces the risk of damage in handling and avoids the inconvenience and costs of on-site repairs to damaged lintel coatings. King Stone’s material for the Super Fire Rated Range is simply a one-part mix, as with all King Stone’s other concrete lintels. Completely unique!

In addition, a substantial number of the material’s ingredients come from either renewable sources or recycled products, giving the Super Fire Rated concrete lintels unprecedented green credentials. Coupled with a 4-hour fire rated resistance – guaranteed by an independent fire testing organisation – these are the ultimate fire rated concrete lintels.

This Range of concrete lintels is available in the same depths and will bear the same loadings as King Stone’s standard range. They can also be used below ground and can be manufactured to any length you require.

See load tables.