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Pre-Cast Concrete Lintels

The Advantages of Pre-Cast Concrete

Can be formed into any shape – to give maximum strength and certain shapes that are more structurally efficient than rectangles.

Durability – with guaranteed grade and level of compaction – all moulds are vibrated to control compaction.

Inherent fire resistance – concrete acts as an insulator, protecting the steel reinforcement. Pre-casting enables the reinforcement to be accurately positioned to ensure the correct cover protection. This is an advantage over pre-stressing – incorrect tensioning, mould movement, or miss-alignment of the strand positions can affect not only one lintel, but an entire line.

Ensures a naturally better finish – because the inner surfaces of the moulds are kept in excellent condition. A further advantage of good clean moulds is that they do not cause grout loss or staining that can be evident in mass produced concrete lintels.


All King Stone’s concrete lintels are wet pre-cast products, using a 40 N/mm² mix. The mix includes an additive to give a very low water absorption rate, which makes the concrete lintels ideal for use below ground.

Any concrete section can be designed and manufactured up to 6000 mm length and 4000 mm width and a maximum weight of 4 tonnes. (Increased section weights would be subject to a crane charge.) Radius concrete lintels are available upon request and details, effects, and colours can be incorporated if required.

King Stone’s concrete lintels can accept fixings provided the reinforcement is undamaged during drilling. However, King Stone can insert any type of fixing during the casting process to prevent the need to drill afterwards.

All King Stone concrete lintels over a certain weight are cast with lifting sockets in place to aid safe handling and orientation on site. They can also be labelled during manufacture with door or opening references – this service is unique to King Stone Products and ensures that all concrete lintels can be built in correctly.

King Stone can cast inserts, channels, uni-struts, feature details, lettering and any other detail you require into any section to make your item bespoke to your building.